Where my journey started

I began my quest for natural living around 7 or so years ago. I have a friend that is vegetarian and through many conversations with her my eyes began to open. I started by reading labels at the grocery store of popular food items I was purchasing, which transcended into looking at labels for the beauty products and lotions I was putting on my body. Much to my surprise many of the items I was purchasing that I thought were "natural" were anything but natural. I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands and start researching for myself what I was actually putting onto and into my body. 

A (small) Lesson in Anatomy & Physiology

Did you know that our skin is our largest organ? We absorb roughly 64% of what we put onto our skin. Chemical molecules have different structures that will affect their permeability and how they are absorbed. Larger chemical molecules may have a harder time penetrating the layers of the skin, while the smaller molecules will have an easier time. Where the product is applied also affects the permeability of said product. For instance skin is thinner on your wrist which makes it more permeable, whereas the skin on the bottom of your feet is much thicker and not as easily permeable.   

I know it might be a lot to wrap your head around. To give you a better picture of what that means lets look at what happens when you apply lotion. 

The example above is just a small picture of what happens when you apply lotion (or anything for that matter) topically. The human body is extremely complex and I could truly write about it all day, however that's not entirely why we are here. So back to the matter at hand... 

What I began to realize

After delving further into my journey I started to realize that what I was putting on my body mattered. This new found knowledge prompted me to start making my own personal care products. Over the years I have made my own cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, body butters, lotions, toothpaste, facial serums, hair masks, body sprays and more. I dabbled in essential oils partially because I loved their aroma. I knew what a powerful therapeutic modality they could be, however was not well versed in their health-giving properties. After having my daughter I became a part of a group of moms that were naturally minded like myself. Essential oils always came up among our group with questions in regards to essential oil safety and children (babies in particular). So I did what any mom would do, I researched. And researched some more. The information I found on the subject made me realize there is so much variation out there with regards to proper essential oil use, as well as, essential oil safety and children.

I wanted to learn more. I wanted to use essential oils properly. I wanted to use essential oils safely.

Then it all just clicked

Upon diligently researching essential oils, it dawned on me, "Why don't I become a Certified Aromatherapist?". I have always been intrigued by essential oils, why not learn how to use them the right way? Why not help others learn how to use them the right way as well? With such a passion for natural living why not spread some Aromatherapy love to others that are looking for the information I had been researching myself? 

I decided I had nothing to loose and everything to gain, so I enrolled in school through Aromahead Institute School of Essential Oil Studies. The knowledge I have gained has been priceless. 

Where do we go from here?

After obtaining my Aromatherapy Certification I knew I wanted to create a line of Aromatherapy products that would nourish the mind, body and soul. I aspired to handcraft products that everyone could feel good about putting on their body. I wanted to help others use essential oils properly in their daily life and give them the confidence to help their friends and family, just as I have helped mine.

Through this blog I want to help you utilize essential oils correctly and pass on what I have learned. Knowledge is power and I hope to give you the power to live a cleaner lifestyle.

This is just the beginning my friends! To keep up to date on future blog posts and see what's in store for Pneuma be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for joining in this journey with me!

Are you on the path to natural living? Comment below with how you got started, I would love to hear from you! To read more about the art of aromatherapy, you can view my blog on Natural News here.