Sara embarked on her natural living journey roughly seven years ago and has always dabbled in making her own personal body care and wellness products. With a love for essential oils and a thirst for knowledge, Sara decided to take the leap in 2015 and enroll for her Aromatherapy Certification. 

After delving into the world of aromatics Sara realized what a passion she had for being able to help friends and family live a cleaner, more naturally minded lifestyle. She was overcome with joy knowing that she could give her loved ones products she made with her bare hands that were not only nourishing, but contained a list of ingredients that were easy to read and pronounce. Once her Aromatherapy Certification was complete, Sara knew she needed to start her own line of personalized body care and wellness products that would be nurturing for the mind, body and soul. Welcome to Pneuma!

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What's in a name?

You're probably thinking, "Why Pneuma?". Pronounced NOO-muh. With ancient Greek origins, Pneuma literally means "breath, wind, spirit". Often in Greek writings Pneuma is used to refer to "vital life force". In the Greek New Testament, Pneuma is commonly used for "spirit or soul". In stoic philosophy Pneuma is known as the "breath of life", and in a cosmic context it is the objective union between the spiritual and the material. 

Essential oils capture the living essence, vital life force or soul of the very plant they are being distilled from. They are the "breath of life" of that plant, thus, Pneuma was born.